Why Your Art Teacher Lied About Primary Colors

In elementary school, my art teacher said the primary colors were red, blue, and yellow. I believed my art teacher. I looked up to my art teacher. And what does she do in return? She betrays me!

Just as parents explain one day that Santa Clause isn’t real, Wikipedia explained to me that red, blue and yellow are not the primary colors:

In particular natural cyan and magenta pigments were hard to come by, and therefore blue and red hues were used respectively. Thus to this day it is widely taught that red, yellow and blue are the primary colors and that orange, green and purple the secondary colors. In reality it is impossible to obtain a saturated green by mixing blue and yellow or a saturated purple by mixing blue and red. This practical problem is often solved by calling pink "red" and light blue "blue".

Calling pink “red”? What has the world come to? Don’t art teachers think we can handle the truth?

If you’re reading this, Mrs. Whatever-Your-Name-Is, I expect a letter of apology.