Learn Teach Code: Documenting My Journey

My main projects for 2017 all revolve around Learn Teach Code, the meetup group I started in 2015. This is by far the most ambitious, scary, but also rewarding and fulfilling project I’ve ever worked on! So I figured I’d better share the journey. I want to openly share my own learning process and all the ups and downs along the way.

For March 2017, my newest (and craziest!) project is to start my own programming bootcamp, first with a four-week part-time pilot program introducing full-stack JavaScript development. I want to create a truly valuable experience for my future students and dedicate myself to this full-time! But I’m also still struggling with my own personal challenges. So I want to share what happens, whether this ends up a spectacular success or a spectacular failure. Either way, it will be a great learning experience!

Here are all my blog posts and video blogs for this project so far: