Weekly Word: Edacious

Like ravenous, rapacious, and voracious, the word edacious relates to having a big appetite. It’s defined as “devouring”, “consuming”, “greedy”, or “craving food in great quantities”. Sounds like somebody I know. ;)

The noun form of edacious is edacity, just like its cousins rapacity and voracity.

And I found some interesting history on edacious at World Wide Words:

...it comes from the Latin verb edere, to eat. [...] It never really caught on and is now almost extinct, perhaps because voracious is a better established and more vigorous-sounding alternative. The Roman writer Ovid created a maxim in his Metamorphoses: "Tempus edax rerum", time devours everything. As a result, in its rare appearances the word is most likely to be linked with time. Thomas Carlyle used it in this way when he referred to events "swallowed in the depths of edacious time".

So voracious might be better than edacious to describe my anticipation of Thanksgiving dinner (happy turkey day!), but I still like this new word. You never know when a reference to Ovid might come in handy.