Fun with new addition algorithms (Math Immersion Month Day 6)

Still sick, but I learned a bit of math history and learned a couple new addition algorithms that are actually very useful! Do you know of any others? I’m starting a collection. ;)

Personal check-in

Today I had the usual problem: every concept, no matter how simple, leads to a million interesting tangents. The hard part is deciding which tangent to explore next at the expense of all other equally interesting tangents! Sometimes this process excites me, and other times it stresses me out. I don’t know why it should be stressful, though; I should just choose one at random and be done with it! But for some reason I always waste a little bit of time fretting over making that choice.

I’ve noticed a daily pattern: I wake up excited to explore a new idea, I lose track of time for a while, and then by the afternoon if I haven’t decided what to talk about in today’s video, I get really anxious and feel pressed for time. Then I either scramble to decide on something and make the video, or I procratinate and explore more tangents in the hopes that I’ll stumble across something that’s just so interesting I’ll know I need to talk about it and then I make the video late in the day and spend my whole evening trying to finish the video without staying up too late.

I’ve been hoping to get ahead and have a video prepared one day in advance, but that hasn’t happened yet! I keep falling down rabbit holes. It’s fun, but I probably shouldn’t do that every day!

Time breakdown

  • Video production time: 3 hours 49 min
    • Script writing/preparation: 1 hour 14 min
    • Filming/setup: 1 hour 8 min
    • Video editing: 1 hour 22 min
    • Publishing: 17 min
  • Math study time: 2 hours 49 min
    • Learning addition/subtraction algorithms: 46 min
    • Adding machines, adders, and Minecraft calculators rabbit hole: 1 hour 10 min
    • General research: 53 min