Interview with mathematician Niles Johnson (Math Immersion Month Day 30)

I had a great conversation about math with Niles Johnson, on everything from math education to arithmetic anxiety to mathematical beauty! See the full interview here.

Logistical note on the daily video project: I published this video a bit late! Not sure if that counts as “failing” at my goal to publish a video every day, but then again… I’ve posted many videos after midnight, so this one just happened to be published some 12 hours after midnight! I don’t really count this as missing a day, because I spent the whole morning preparing for and doing this interview, and then I was up until 2am editing the interview. (I decided it was better to spend the day out being social and having fun than to stay at home editing video all afternoon. Especially since I’m transitioning out of the daily video project soon; January 8th will be day 100, my last day!)

Time breakdown

  • Video production time: 4 hours
    • Script writing/preparation: none
    • Filming/setup: n/a (see interview time below)
    • Video editing: 3 hours 35 min
    • Publishing: 25 min
  • Math study time: none
  • Interview: 1 hour 30 min