My first arithmetic test as an adult! (Math Immersion Month Day 3)

When’s the last time you voluntarily took a math test? Today I did some arithmetic drills for the first time in 10+ years! I also talk about my favorite book and ramble about other mathy stuff (in between complaining about getting sick).

Tomorrow I’ll review my test scores and actually do some more studying; I didn’t get to finish today because I slept a lot! And then I had too much fun playing with video production stuff. (Today I learned that I don’t mind doing lots of video editing when I’m sick and lying in bed.)

I printed out the arithmetic drills from this math worksheet generator – a very nifty tool for customizable, printable PDFs of randomly-generated arithmetic problems. (Or are they only pseudo-random? That’s a topic for another day!)

In case you want to be really bored, here’s the full, unedited footage of me taking the first arithmetic quizzes of my adult life:

I may or may not take all of these eventually!

Time breakdown

Today was way out of balance! My original schedule (see day 2) was just a guideline of course, but I do want to stay closer to the plan. I obviously can’t spend 7 hours on video production every day, and I wish I spent more time actually learning! (Though I did learn a couple new video editing tricks like the picture-in-picture thing, importing new fonts, and it was fun!)

  • Video production time: 6 hours 55 min
    • Script writing/preparation: 10 min
    • Filming/setup: 1 hour 30 min
    • Video editing: 4 hours 15 min
    • Publishing: 1 hour (note: mostly just wasting time playing with Photoshop)
  • Math study time: 1 hour 25 min
    • Practice problems: 1 hour 25 min
    • General research: none