Christmas makes me sad and non-mathy (Math Immersion Month Day 21)

Aside from getting up to 6th grade math on Khan Academy and doing non-math work, I reflected on a strange reaction I had to Christmas trees while walking around the city. Wow, I really miss my mom today and it hurts. But I’m glad I can still smile about the good memories I have of her, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to do what I know would make her proud.

Time breakdown

  • Video production time: 1 hour 22 min
    • Script writing/preparation: none
    • Filming/setup: 20 min
    • Video editing: 47 min
    • Publishing: 15 min
  • Math study time: 2 hours 47 min
    • Practice problems: 2 hours
    • General reading/research: 47 min