Playing with truth tables and Boolean algebra (Daily Learning Vlog #98)

Today I finally started exploring what I’ve learned so far from the NAND2Tetris course. I had fun matching up the logic gate names to their truth tables and then checked my understanding of Boolean algebra by reducing an expression down to its simplest form. It was a fun few minutes!

Time breakdown

Production note: it took a while to set up my camera to film myself writing on paper, and then doing half of it over again because it just got too dark to see anything! Filming on a cloudy day and relying on the sun for lighting is definitely not ideal, haha. But for a spur-of-the-moment video, I guess I can’t expect too much in terms of production quality.

  • Video production time: 27 min
    • Script writing/preparation: none
    • Filming/setup: 40 min
    • Video editing: 30 min
    • Publishing: 10 min
  • Study time: none