Checking my understanding (Daily Learning Vlog #97)

When you only have 5 minutes to spare and you’re half-asleep, how can you still make progress towards a learning goal? Do a quick review, of course! I hadn’t looked at NAND2Tetris in a while so I gave myself a tiny challenge: see how much I could remember from Chapter 1 off the top of my head.

A note on time management: Time management gets thrown out the window when I stay up too late, wake up too late, or accidentally take an epic nap. I did all three. I went with my friend to be volunteer math tutors again, but I didn’t really get to help anybody because they had a teacher who just lectured for the whole time. Then I got my garbage disposal fixed, I cleaned up the biohazard that was my kitchen, I napped for too long, spent some time on the internet to try to wake myself up, and next thing I know the day was over! Oh well, tomorrow I’ll try again.

Time breakdown

  • Video production time: 27 min
    • Script writing/preparation: none
    • Filming/setup: 15 min
    • Video editing: 2 min
    • Publishing: 10 min
  • Study time: none