ToDo Timer

ToDo Timer is a simple to-do list with a built-in timer and break reminders.

It keeps track of what you have to do and how long it takes, and it also reminds you when to take a break and when to get back to work.

Basic Version Features:

  • View and export timesheet data
  • Add/edit/delete items on the to-do list
  • Timer integrated with the to-do list
  • Landscape view has split-screen while timer is running
  • Reminder to take regular breaks with customizable alarm

ToDo Timer is based on the Pomodoro Technique for time management created by Francesco Cirillo.


  • When marking a task complete, the work session timer will continue, keeping track of the time spent in between tasks. (I added this functionality specifically because I noticed I waste a lot of time stalling when switching tasks.)
  • Exported data is saved in CSV files, which can be opened by any spreadsheet program.
  • Android only allows emailing files after exporting them to the SD card. So to email the data, you'll need to have an SD card.

Future Features:

  • Categories for to-do list items
  • Sorting the to-do list by due date, category, or alphabetically
  • A viewable log of all completed tasks
  • Editing/deleting timesheet entries
  • ...and more, depending on your suggestions!