Daily Learning Notes for June 1st, 2017

Today I did a bit more preparation for the second iteration of the “UnBootcamp” experiment, which starts in just a couple of days! All day every Saturday in June, I’ll be facilitating a social learning group and doing some teaching and some programming. (That’s all I’ll say about it for the moment, haha.) So that’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time! But I didn’t get to dedicate any time to learning new things today. :( Oh well. I’m hoping to have a 5-day streak next week though!

Highlights for today:

  • I started helping a friend with organizing a Write/Speak/Code conference in Los Angeles. Their mission is “to empower women software developers to become thought leaders, conference speakers, and open source contributors” – all good things, and also very relevant to me personally!

  • The only other highlight for me today was meeting with a therapist for an initial appointment, to see if there’s more that I can do to treat my anxiety and prevent a relapse of depression. (It would be all easy too for me to turn these blog posts into a log of those emotional obstacles, but I really want to keep the focus on learning, projects, curiosity, and other positive things. So I’m not going to write any more about how I was feeling today – suffice it to say I had some ups and downs, and I didn’t get to work on what I wanted to because of all that.)