Daily Learning Notes for April 17, 2017

After taking 3 days off from looking at my mob coding project, I feel like returning to it now! That’s a good sign that I actually like this one. It’s late at night, almost midnight, but technically I’ll still count this as Monday’s work since I think of my days based on my sleep cycle, not when it passes midnight. That said, I am definitely up past my normal bedtime… But I’ve decided to give up on my early sleep schedule and early morning work hours for now, as an experiment in optimizing my schedule and identifying which structures actually make a difference in my mood and productivity, and which don’t. (I used to think that waking up early was a keystone habit of mine, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe that assumption was wrong. The only way to find out is to test it!)

Goal for today: I just wanted to spend a few minutes reviewing my code, where I left off, and my next goals. I usually think of something new after a break, when I see it again with a new perspective.

Hmm. Right now, nothing is jumping out at me as a clear winner for what to work on next. I guess I am sleepy after all. I’ll go to bed soon.

Oh well, at least I looked at it! That’s better than nothing. Maybe now it will percolate in my brain while I sleep tonight, and that’s still progress. The theme of the day for me today is definitely “something is better than nothing”.