June 7 Web Dev Notes

I can’t believe it! The Hack for LA event for National Day of Civic Hacking was my first hackathon, and not only did my team win something, but we were the only team to win two prizes!!!

What a crazy weekend! Today I solved so many merge conflicts on GitHub that I finally understand this xkcd comic:

Git commit comic by xkcd

I didn’t really learn any new skills or technologies today, but I learned a lot about the nuances of working on a team. Most importantly, I realized just how fun it can be to spend the entire weekend working with a group of mostly new acquaintances who quickly became good friends! We all went out for pizza and beer after the event, and some of us carpooled to get home afterwards. Too bad our carpool-coordination app wasn’t functional yet, because it would’ve been very helpful tonight! I’m not sure if we’ll ever finish the app, but I have a feeling we’ll be collaborating on more projects in the future.

As for my own projects, well… I’m definitely a bit sad about how I’ve lost my momentum. I can’t work on anything now since it’s already past my bedtime and I need to finish moving to my new apartment first thing in the morning, but I’m still hoping I can get the ball rolling again tomorrow.