June 2 Web Dev Notes

Problem: Waking up early hurts my brain. I spent the entire morning in a fog, unable to decide what to learn next. When I'm in this half-conscious, indecisive state of lazy curiosity, I easily get sucked into watching video tutorials without paying attention and browsing lists of tutorials instead of actually reading them!

Solutions to try next: every evening, write down a specific goal to focus on the next morning. The goal has to be phrased in the form of a deliverable, an outcome, a completed feature! (Also, maybe try more caffeine.)

Cool stuff I found:

  • Mixture, a free front-end web dev toolset with some very cool features

Today I learned:

  • Nothing specific or tangible enough to articulate, because I was scatter-brained all day long :(


  • How do you use Sass (the CSS preprocessor)?
  • How do you use Mixture (especially with local WordPress development)?
  • What are the best tools for live-reloading webpages while editing the code?

Goals for tomorrow:

  • Spend 25 minutes sketching ideas for the meetup group website's homepage to generate ideas for content and layout.
  • Then spend about 15 minutes writing down all of my questions regarding how to implement those ideas.
  • Implement at least one new feature for the meetup website and answer at least one of those questions thoroughly.
  • Repeat today's process, creating a blog post with all of the same sections – especially this last section!