Web Dev: Back for Another Try

Last week was completely overscheduled, and I was completely overwhelmed. And I overslept a lot, too. Maybe I needed a break? Whatever it was, at least today I seem to be feeling a bit more confident in my ability to stay on track again. And it's a new month, so I'm setting a new goal:

Goal for June: Wake up by 7am every day, then exercise a bit, shower and get dressed, and then start working on web development projects/studying by 8am, and work on it for at least 25 minutes, but with a chunk of 3 hours carved out for it every day. (Phew! Is that specific enough?)

Goal for this week: Finally, actually make the website for the meetup group, and don't worry about how good it is. Just start making it! Even if it's just customizing somebody else's template for now.

Other stuff on my plate: some projects at work (which hopefully mean more web development practice!) and moving to a new apartment (but at least it's just across the hallway in the same building).

Other stuff on my mind: deciding if I want to keep blogging in this Jekyll blog here, if I want to move back to my old WordPress blog, or if I want to find a way to merge the two together.

Stuff I learned today:

  • I learned that some Jekyll themes use lots of Ruby gems as dependencies and some of them just don't want to install on Windows. Grr!
  • Installed Sass, the CSS preprocessor, along with Bourbon, a library for Sass, and Neat, a grid framework for Bourbon, which I can also use with Bitters and Refills. (Am I studying to be a web developer or a bartender?)
  • Started learning about the magic of CSS proprocessors, hoping that if it makes CSS less tedious then maybe I'll stop avoiding it!
  • Watched part of this video on Sass libraries.