Learning About Jekyll

I can’t seem to stop reading about Jekyll and other static site generators (all 395 of them)!

Quick personal check-in: This past week, I’ve spent most of my morning free time either oversleeping or working on something other than what I said I would work on (I’m supposed to be working on my Learn to Code LA meetup website). Maybe the problem is that I don’t see a use for the meetup website just yet. And meanwhile, I’m frustrated with how this website is currently set up! I think that’s why the only thing I’ve been excited about recently was the idea of using some of Jekyll’s more advanced features. So I’m going to try a different strategy now and just roll with it. Let’s see if I make any more progress this week if I let curiosity be my guide.

Jekyll Link Dump:

And here are a couple Jekyll projects that have inspired me:

The next time I can sit down and work on stuff, I want to see how I can use some of Jekyll’s more advanced features to make this a better learning blog. I also have a lot of ideas for using Jekyll in my day job!