Some venting and some cool links

Agh, my fears have been getting the best of me lately! I’ve been procrastinating! I didn’t write a single line of code yesterday. I didn’t even sit down to write in this blog for 2 minutes about the fact that I didn’t do anything. Why not? I guess some of the difficult stuff going on in my personal life has decreased my confidence in general, which carries over to my motivation to learn about web development. It seems so silly to procrastinate doing something that I want to do. I guess it just scares me, because I’m trying to make a big change in my life and nothing feels stable right now. I know I might fail. Sometimes that makes me scared to try. Sometimes I wake up in the morning with my heart pounding and my mind racing, wondering if I can trust myself to make good use of this new free time that I have.

Some context: I recently dropped down to working part-time instead of full-time at my day job, with the hope that I can use the extra time to seriously pursue web development and either get a job at a company as a junior developer or get by on my own as a freelancer.) Sometimes it’s difficult to forget about all my doubts and just have fun learning stuff.

And sometimes, like tonight, I realize at the last minute that I left my laptop charger at the office! I guess I’ll have to finish this in the morning, haha.