Starting This Web Dev Learning Blog

Now that I finished my 30 Days of Web Dev challenge for April, I figured I’d try something a bit different for May – something a bit easier and more flexible, so I don’t burn myself out. I still want to learn about web development every day and continue building new projects on a regular basis, but this month I’m going to make a point of making time to reflect on what I’ve learned.

Because when I try to remember what I learned from last month’s project, I can’t really think of anything! I’d have to dig through my code to remember the specifics. I remember reading somewhere that reflection is an essential component to retaining new skills and information, and my personal experience seems to support that. So why did I ever stop blogging in the first place? I definitely need to give it another go!

##What I learned today:

##Ideas for tomorrow:

  • Learn more about Jekyll so I can customize this blog some more! Maybe add some metadata to track along with my blog posts, like how much time I spend learning about web dev each day.
  • Do a thorough review of my 30-day challenge for April and write about what I learned.
  • Finally do some background reading on the web itself, because I don’t have a thorough understanding of its history or how it works.